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Inspiration is drawn out of one’s understanding of words

Elevate your thinking

I woke up one morning and decided to create a blog to address certain personal issues and make the public aware of my intuition and how I feel everyday

The greatest club in the world. And most of my blogs will be trolling and congratulating them

A little introduction… I am the coolest being you would ever meet . Do not let your boyfriend lie to you …. I am the real deal. I am known as Ferguson…. affectionately called fergie ……Yeahhhh say whatever you want ….I am still a lover boy. I love Chainsmokers…… those guys give me goosebumps and kinda love imagine dragons too…….

  • things one should expect
  • Major league predictions and analysis based on what i see
  • trolling of useless clubs….. They know themselves
  • some little hilarious life incidents
  • love life …. i’m not timber ….
  • and anything man wants to post … thank youuuuu

AFCON 2019

AFCON 2019 commences today… I am not really into this one because my country just sent a bag of whoopies to the tournament….’anonymous’ That won’t stop my analysis and prediction.

first on the list…. EGYPT VS ZIMBABWE

Egypt being the host nation and having the top class players like Mohammed Salah and Mohammed Elneny and having a reliable centre back Ahmed Hegazy , i expect them to outplay the Zimbabwens and hopefully start on a good note. Both teams are likely to score recalling their past meetings.

I am not in for any beautiful football though , just Salah runs and some crazy goals too …. its a start so it wont be anything out of the roof

so my prediction is 2:1 for the Pharaohs Egypt 2: 1 Zimbabwe

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